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Good day!

We are currently conducting our senior thesis on the Effects of Stigma on Behavior. In this light we were hoping if you could answer our survey which calls for lesbian participants. It will only take 15-20 minutes of your time. Your participation will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much! 

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Hey guys, I need your help. If you have lesbian friends, could please share this survey to them? It’s at tinyurl.com/StigmaAndBehavior. It’s for my senior thesis. It’ll only take 15 minutes of their time. Please? Thank you!

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Chapter 1: Meeting You

Summary: It started with a smile and a promise.

Chapter Preview: High school is hell. Social opinions are very important. If you’re on top then nobody messes with you. No bullies, no slushies, no bashing, basically no shit. Life’s definitely better than those at the bottom. There, people are almost invisible and most of the student body avoids them like the plague. People there don’t have a choice. They walk the hallways, heads bowed, and trying their best to be invisible. Life is miserable.

And Santana would rather eat crap than be at the bottom.